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Japan Trip December 2010
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Japan Trip December 2010
Photos are from the recent Gozo Shioda Festival
We traveled to Japan the last two weeks of November and returned home in early December 2010. These photos are from our travels to Tokyo-Shijuku, Narita, Nikko, Kyoto, Iwama, and Nara.

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This row of shrines honored unborn children in this small village from the 12th Century
Golden Temple
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This was near Kyoto and was a summer home for one of the early Shogunates.
Japan 2010
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Group Photo
Japan 2010
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Anpother Group Photo
O'Sensei Dojo in Iwama
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The original Dojo in Iwama.
Japan 2010
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A wonderful gourmet meal at a Japanese Bed and Breakfast!
Japan 2010
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O'Sensei Shrine in Iwama
Japan 2010
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Lunch in Japan....Sushi and Sapporo
Japan 2010
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Mt. Fuji in the background


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