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Instructor Name:Sensei Kannan Rasiah

During the 2014 Training year Sensei Rasiah is pursuing Kenshu and Kick boxing goals. He will not be available for instruction during the 2014 Year as he pursues further detailed training in martial studies.


Other Information:During 2014 Sensei Rasiah is studying and training in Kenshu and Kickboxing.  Secondary to these commitments he will not be teaching during the 2014 training year and plans a year long intensive studies program in Kenshu (Self-Development and sword sharpening) as well as training with the Joe Lewis Fighting system in order to pursue his interests in "Kick Boxing".  During his absence classes will be covered by Master Harden and / or Sensei Jarrod Griffith.


Kannan has been training in the martial arts and in various asian arts for most of his life.  He is a gifted Yoga Instructor and highly sought after Traditional Indian Dance Performer.  His martial arts experiences include Tae Kwon Do, Yoshinkan Aikido, and military combative training under Master Harden.  Kannan holds a Shodan Black Belt in TKD under Master Harden and recently earned his Shodan in Yoshinkan Aikido.  Kannan trains directly with Master Harden and is the first student since the inception of Western Masters Martial Arts, to Black Belt rankings in BOTH Tae Kwon Do and Yoshinkan Aikido.  Kannan holds a B.S. from Emory and Henry College in Interdisciplinary Science and Math.  He is the primary instructor for our childrens Tae Kwon Do and is a "Sensei" basic instructor for Aikido.  He is also available for private training in Indian Dance and Yoga.  

Kannan is currently "not available" as he is at Fort Sill undergoing U.S. Army Basic Training and will finish his Medic training at Fort Sam Houston in May 2013.  SPC Rosiah is the latest in a fine tradition of Western Masters Black belts who have chosen to serve "their" country!  Kannan hopes to get into the U.S. Army PA Program and then earn a commission as a Medical specilaist Corps Officer in the Army National Guard...(where would he ge such an idea?............HA!....Dane S. Harden COLONEL, SP, SFS...TN Army National Guard)...Proud of you K-san!
Please contact Western Masters Martial Arts of Abingdon at 276-356-3196 for questions.