Western Martial Arts serving Abingdon,
 Va; Bristol, Tn; Kings Port, Tn; Johnson City, Tn

Instructor Name:Sensei Bruce E. Feigenbaum

Highlights: Owner Annapolis Maryland Dojo. Vice President, Western Masters Martial Arts Inc. Marketing Director, WMMA. Senior Board of Directors, WMMA. Sandan TKD, Brown Belt Sword, Brown Belt Aikido.


Other Information:

Sensei Feigenbaum is Master Hardens first student to achieve Black Belt status in 1983.  Mr. Feigenbaum holds a Third Degree Black Belt and had trained previously with the Jhoon Rhee Institutes of Tae Kwon Do and trained directly with Sensei Andre' Yamakawa, previously World rated full contact contender.  Mr. Feigenbaum has an extensive martial arts background and has competed in tournaments like the Diamond Nationals, Battle of Atlanta, Battle of Baltimore, Jhoon Rhee Nationals, Madison Square Gardens Oriental World of Self-Defense Expo, and numerous local and state competitions.  

Bruce has trained in Tae Kwon Do, Aikido, Kung Fu, and is our director for the Olympic Tae Kwon Do program.  Bruce ran the Western Masters Dojo in the Annapolis area for many years.  Mr. Feigenbaum is on the Board of Directors for the system and is currently the Director for Marketing and Advertising and Vice President of our System.  Bruce has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Recreation Therapy and is a senior executive at Preferred Properties in Annapolis, Maryland.  Bruce has numerous business interests and is an entrepeneur and donates many hours and dollars to various local area charities in his community. 


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