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Mick Harden Soke
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Mick Harden Soke
Dad was given an Honorary Black Belt in 1980 by the Oriental Defensive Arts Association.
Dad was very supportive of tournament play throughout the 1970's and well into the 1980's beofer he died in 1988. My Father was recognized as a Shodan Black Belt by ODAA and Grand Master Emperado and Master Conde.

1969...a long time ago
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Sensei Harden as a White Belt.
Mick Harden Soke!
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Dad receaving his Black Belt in 1980
Grand Master Ed Parker
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Sensei and Ed Parker sometime around 1981 or 1982 at the 20th Annual Baltimore where Sensei won Grand Champion in Black Belt Forms Tournament
Dane and Jeff Smith.
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Jeff Smith was one of my primary instructors at the Jhoon Rhee Institutes
Master Joe Lewis
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Sensei Harden and Master Lewis outside the First Karate College.
Superfoot Wallace
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Pictured after training with Bill "Superfoot" Wallace
Hurricane Katrina 2005
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Ted Koppel was with our SF Evacuation Team while we did hoist missions over New Orleans.
First Frostburg Class!!!
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October 1979!
Photo from US Army 1976
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June 20, 1976 Shodan Black Belt.


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