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 Va; Bristol, Tn; Kings Port, Tn; Johnson City, Tn

Our Dojo American Flag

OIF VIII at their FOB (Forward Operating Base) in Iraq July 4th, 2010!

Our Dojo American Flag

The Dojo Flag has served our country as a proud banner of inspiration since it was first taken overseas by Shihan Harden in 2000-2001 while serving as a NATO Peacekeeper in Bosnia, Kosovo, and Slovenia.  The Western Masters Dojo flag has been carried into combat during Shihan Hardens tours of duty in Bosnia, Kosovo, Slovenia, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Hurricane Katrina.  

SFC Brian Wilson is an Aikido student and a medic in the 278th ACR from Kingsport.   SFC Wilson volunteered to carry our flag back into harms way..."One more time"...The pictures taken above are from Brian taken yesterday in OIF VIII at their FOB (Forward Operating Base) in Iraq July 4th, 2010!  

HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY to everyone.  America's warriors are watching the wall!

Dane S. Harden
HHT 3-278th

Brian K. Wilson
SFC, Combat Medic
HHT 3-278th ACR 


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