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Western Masters Martial Arts in an effort to provide advanced students and Black Belt students with ongoing advanced training has arranged agreements with these fine websites.  Our senior Tae Kwon Do and Aikido organizations and USADojo have all agreed to be part of our Virtual Dojo. Black Belts and advanced students may go to this page and review martial arts articles, Tae Kwon Do Kata in the Chang Hon series, and even take graduate level martial arts "Kenshu Training" that is applicable irregardless of style or affiliation.  


Honbu Dojo in Shinjuku-Japan:

Yoshinkan Aikido International Headquarters:   http://www.yoshinkan.net/02contentsE/shiodagozoE.html


Components of the Virtual Dojo: Articles written by Harden Sensei can be found from the archives of Black Belt Magazine,  Aikido Journal, USA Dojo, Martial University, and the Joe Lewis Fighting System web pages.

Aikido Students: E-How is an excellent link for Aikido Skills training.  I have trained with the Aikikai group in New York at seminars and various events over the years.  Tha "E- How" approach is an excellent resource.  Check it out below. 


Top Pick from Sensei Harden: "Comprehensive Ancient Asian Fighting Arts" - Draeger and Smith. 

Reading Assignment 2016:  "Bushido - The Soul of Japan" - Inazo Nitobe - We have our link below and you can listen to it "right here on line!

Articles by Dane S. Harden can be searched on the Internet as there are now dozens.  Sensei has been regularly published in USADojo, Aikido Journal, Martial University, Black Belt Magazine and Martial Digest. 

  • A.  USADojo.com Articles: http://www.usadojo.com/articles/articles-dane-harden.htm 

    B.  World Wide Dojo Articles: http://www.worldwidedojo.com/traditional-based/satsuninken-and-katsuninto/

    C.  Chudokai Federation Virtual Dojo: Modern Warrior Studies - Budo in Everyday Life, Kenshu (Advanced Study) Course: http://harmonyenterprisesinc.com/

    D.  Tae Kwon Do Chang Hon Forms Reference System - Kom Do Kwan: http://www.natkd.com/tkd_forms.htm

    E.  Goshindo Sword Educational System: Shihan Dana Abbott: http://www.samuraisports.com

    F.  Aikido Journal also has numerous articles from Harden Sensei: http://members.aikidojournal.com/


    2015-2016: Brown and Black Belt Reading List:  Donn Draeger [1922-1982, author of the three volume series, The Martial Arts and Ways of Japan, and co-author of Comprehensive Asian Fighting Arts; held dan ranks and teaching licenses in judo, Shindo Muso-ryu jojutsu, and Katori Shinto-ryu, among others].  

    Listen and Learn - Audiobooks at Librivox Recordings:

    1. "FREE" Public Domain Audio-book: Inazo Nitobe "Bushido - The Soul of Japan" :  http://archive.org/details/bushido_0912_librivox

    2. "FREE" Public Domain Audio-book: Sun Tsu "The Art of War": http://archive.org/details/art_of_war_librivox

    3. "FREE" Pick Torrent webpage Audio-book: The Book of Five Rings by Musashi Miyamoto: www.picktorrent.com 

    4. "FREE" Public Domain Audio-book: Kakura "The Book of Tea":  http://archive.org/details/book_of_tea_librivox


    Recommended TKD Forms Reference: For TKD Instructors.

    Item Number : 16051


    Brown Belts and Black Belts seeking rank at or above the Nidan Level, will now be required to complete Kenshu.  When you register please assure Blok Sensei is aware that you are a WMMA-student.


    Sensei Harden

    7th Dan Tae Kwon Do - 3rd Dan Aikido - 4rd Dan Samurai Sword.


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